we are at this repair shop. The group of us at Turn Too have crossed each other’s paths numerous times over the years. So when the prospect of a new shop phased into the reality of it opening, one phone call led to many others, and we all just kind of showed up for this without hesitation.

It makes us happy to be in this from the beginning and shape it with our abilities & personalities, and what we find meaningful. Our goal here is to embody that in our work and let it foster the relationships and community ties that we build as we go. We’re not out to compete with other businesses, we’re here to simultaneously help ourselves and those around us grow and prosper.

What we find meaningful is producing the best path from what someone needs to the resolution of the issue.  We like to throw in a lot of transparency with a high dose of clarity when we’re working with people.

If you don’t need a repair, we’re going to tell you. If you can wait for a few months but you need to keep an eye on it, you'll get specifics on why and how. If something’s broken and just fell out of the bottom of your car and the car no longer runs and is currently on fire, we’ll letcha know as gently as time can afford.

Our doors opened on July 9th of 2018. We’d like to welcome you to our shop any time, we’ll be there as best we can to get you back on the road with a windmill high-five on the way out.


Here's What People Are Saying

"Quick and amazing service! The mechanics were honest and the price fair. I have finally found a place I can trust with my car. 5 stars!"

William R. - Google Review

"We've all heard the horror stories of mechanics fleecing people and some of us have experienced it. So whenever you find an honest mechanic you want to let everyone know. So here it is an honest mechanic that won't try to fleece you. Brought my Jeep in with a stuttering issue. They worked to identify the problem and didn't want to propose fixes without a clear diagnosis. The problem wan't easy to identify so I was given options and all of my question, of which I had many, where answered and things were made clear so I could make an informed decision. The prices were reasonable and the work was done quickly. Small independent shops can be hit or miss this place is a hit."

Drome Gaming - Google Review

"Good prices and very helpful."

Kyle R. - Google Review

"Experience, on time, friendly, got my problem solved and fixed. Great people and team! Reasonable money and warrant on repairs!"

Lora F. - Google Review

"All the gents that work here are extremely helpful, efficient and fairly priced. I was taken great care of and would recommend everyone to this hidden gem!"

Dana M. - Nextdoor Review


"This is a friend of mine from church shop. I completely trust him! Turn Too Automotive, 11541 S Ken Caryl Ave."

Amy W. - Nextdoor Review

"New auto shop, Turn Too Automotive at 11541 W. Ken Caryl Ave. Very reliable and reasonable."

Mark W. - Nextdoor Review

This place is awesome. Fair pricing, excellent customer service They don't try to trick you. Honest integrity. My former mechanic just retired, thankful I found Turn Too! ! I'm a customer from now on!

Patti O. - Google Review

Dropped in to Turn Too on Monday because of some break noise. My wife's car was just in a few weeks ago for rear break job. I didn't have an appointment, but Greg and his team put me as their priority and took the car for a quick spin. Turns out, the front breaks had worn out. Without any hassel, they got my car on the lift and Scott had the job completed in no time. Greg was even kind enough to give me a quick lift to my house.. and pick me up. Much appreciated, thank you for taking care of us!

Matt C. - Google Review

I agree with the other reviews, Turn Too is a great place. I have taken my Jeep there multiple times now and have gotten brilliant service. It is refreshing to find auto techs who are not only experienced and knowledgeable, but also honest and reasonably priced. I highly recommend this place to one and all!

Geo Clem - Google Review

Greg and his team are great, very responsive, fair and great work on multiple vehicles for me and my family. It is so nice to have a local and trustworthy repair shop.

Ryan S. - Google Review