Your Full-Service Vehicle Repair Center

Based in Littleton Serving All of Greater Denver and the Foothills

What We Offer Domestic or foreign makes and models, we’ve got your back! Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • cube

    The Basics

    Pre-sale inspections, oil changes & tune-ups, batteries, complimentary 28-point inspection with all services, and the most important essential service - Factory Scheduled Maintenance.

  • disc-brake


    Repair and/or replacement of any and all components in the system - pads, rotors, calipers, shoes, cylinders, hoses & fluids. Fairly boring, all they do is just slow the car down. The fun parts are listed next.

  • chassis

    and Suspension

    Shocks, struts, power steering, all that jazz. Any component of your vehicle that makes it point in a certain direction or bounce a certain way, we’ll make sure it’s doing its job the way nature (and the manufacturer) intended.

  • engine


    Complete service from front to back. Overhaul, replacement, timing belts & water pumps; all the belts, fans, and whistles you can think of.

  • motor


    Typically the least popular diagnosis among drivers - this can be a costly system to service. We can service the system for you, whatever it might need, and make sure you can afford to get back on the road.

  • exhaust-pipe


    Why are the stinkiest parts of humanity always located in the rear of the systems? Whatever the reason, we offer service from the catalytic converter all the way back to that little drop you always see hanging out of the tailpipe.

  • analytics


    Ever have that feeling that something’s wrong with your vehicle, but you’re not sure what? Ever see dead people? We used to, so we purchased top of the line equipment to alleviate the guesswork. Complete diagnostics from a general check to chasing out a specific issue that’s raising eyebrows. The inspection cost is typically waived when services are performed based on the diagnosis.

  • tire


    Repair, replacement, mounting, balancing, and rotating. Not much more you can really do with them. The link at the top of the page will take you straight to a quick-order form to get them going if you need a new set.

  • Anything Else

    Not sure? We’ll figure it out together, reach out any time and we’re happy to help!

  • warranty

    Warrantied Work

    Our work comes with a 12 month, 12 thousand mile warranty on all parts and services rendered.